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The launch is on 17th November, 7.30pm at Cornerstone Main Auditorium.

No, free admission for all! 🙂

Of course! It will be an evangelistic meeting.

No, there won’t be refreshments.

There are a few collection venues:

•  17 Nov Collection: Guest Central at level 2
•  18 -19 Nov Collection: Info Central at level 3 foyer
•  18 Nov onwards: Faithworks Bookstore at level 2

Yes, Faithworks does free local delivery.

Yes, Breakthroughs is available on iTunes and Faithworks.

Here’s the cost:

•  Lean On Pre-Order: $15 (includes exclusive gifts!)
•  Lean On Actual Price: $18
•  Breakthroughs: $18
•  Bundle (Lean On + Breakthroughs): $28

It goes to covering the cost of making the album.

Each song is birthed out of a response to God’s overwhelming love when we see how He never fails to come through for us when we choose to lean on Him. Hence we hope that the album will encourage people to experience that sweet surrender when we choose to lean on Him in the good and bad times.

The gift a mystery from us to you! We believe you will like it.

You can order them at:

•  www.generations.sg/music
•  Faithworks Book Store
•  Faithworks Website
•  Info Central @ the level 3 foyer after service